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First AID, Safety, AED's & Emergency

Locally owned since 1993, ZEE Medical proudly delivers premier sales and service for First Aid, Safety, AEDs, and Emergency supplies. Our commitment is to uphold the highest standards in medical supplies and equipment possible.


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On-Site Van Service

With 50+ years of experience and nearly 1,000 North American Representatives, ZEE Medical offers van-based first aid, safety, and emergency solutions for ultimate peace of mind.


Comprehensive Training Programs

Comprehensive OH&S training, covering first aid, safety, and emergencies, is vital for a secure workplace. It spans equipment use, hazard communication, and office ergonomics, crucial under OH&S guidelines.. Which is why Zee offers regular training programs to enhances compliance, productivity, and cost savings by preventing unnecessary on-the-job incidents.

Free On-Site Assessment

An on-site assessment is conducted by a ZEE Representative at your facility. It is designed to help uncover your first aid and safety needs that relate to your specific business. Upon completion, your ZEE Representative will identify first aid, and safety solutions specifically designed for your business, to keep your workforce healthy and to ensure regulatory compliance.

National Accounts


We carry thousands of products, so they are not all on our site. However you can call us or fill out a contact us form if you are looking for something specific

Yes, lots of our products have expiry dates. We will accommodate to make sure we don’t send anything that is about to expire in less than 3 months.

If you need to change something on your order you will need to call our office at (306) 933-4681 and get one of us to help you.

Yes, you will receive one by email

Yes, we do. Our office is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Unfortunately we do not ship outside of Canada.

We will send you a tracking number for every order placed.

We accept Debit, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Yes, every order placed you will get an invoice for what you purchased.

You have 30 days from the purchase day to return your order. All items must be sealed and in original packaging to be returned. We also require proof of purchase (receipt). We will not refund you if the package comes back and the product has been used or opened.

You must call our office at (306) 933-4681 in order to cancel your order. If this order has been shipped already you will have to return the items once received.



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